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VAT Strategy: Sustainability and Growth

In these challenging times of ever-increasing cost pressures, many operators are only too aware of the added financial strains associated with running a care service. However, VAT Group Registration (or ‘Contract Restructuring’) presents providers with the opportunity to register for… Read The Article

Adopting a VAT Strategy for Growth

Having successfully guided a number of equity-backed care groups through the due diligence process, and with more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare, Rob Burton (managing director of healthcare specialist VAT Solutions) is well-versed in the sale, acquisition and financing… Read The Article

Contract Restructuring… A Case Study

VAT Group Registration offers significant business efficiencies and financial benefits for a national care group. Before Restructuring: A national care group with multiple regional sites and operating a variety of care services. At the time of engagement, the group sought… Read The Article

Agency Staff Costs… Are You Paying Too Much VAT?

Care providers employing agency staff may be paying unnecessary VAT charges… One of the biggest challenges facing care operators post-Covid-19 is the understaffing of care services. With providers unable to employ and retain permanent staff consistently, agency staff are a… Read The Article

Delays at HMRC – Direct tax clearance

For anyone who has had dealings with HMRC it will come as no surprise to hear that, following HMRC’s clearance facility being relocated to Birmingham, there has been a change to the direct tax clearance process resulting in delays and… Read The Article

contract restructuring choosing your partner

Contract Restructuring – Choosing Your Partner

Key points to ask when you are considering the appointment of a specialist supplier for contract restructuring and its implementation: Do they have the administrative capability to document your restructure robustly and accurately (for HMRC purposes), and to maintain that… Read The Article

July’s Sector VAT news round-up

VAT Fact…Did you know? If you buy a gingerbread person wearing chocolate trousers or skirt… you will pay VAT at 20% but a naked gingerbread man is zero rated and there is no VAT to pay!! PPE/Covid-19…latest extension Temporary VAT… Read The Article