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01 Contract Restructuring

The Opportunity

VAT Within the care sector has long been a challenging and significant cost for care operators. In times of ever-increasing cost pressures, the restructuring service offered by VAT Solutions presents a new opportunity to recover VAT on an ongoing basis. By creating the vehicle for taxable supplies (by means of a VAT group registration), we therefore provide a structure which streamlines, centralises and optimises the efficiency of the administration and management of a care operation’s local authority/CCG fee contracting process.

Not only does the new structure create considerable VAT savings for an operator, but also provides significant commercial benefits for the business in the form of improved efficiency and communication regarding local authority fees. For further details please contact Clare@vatsol.com

The Benefits

  • Cost savings brought about by economies of scale
  • Increased efficiency and streamlining in the management and administration of local authority fees
  • Dedicated single point of contact for dealing with local authority and CCG queries
  • A specialist and more knowledgeable contract management/administration team better equipped to share best practice when dealing with local authority fee negotiations
  • VAT recovery on normal trading expenditure and capital expenditure
  • VAT recovery on purchases made before VAT registration
  • Retrospective VAT recovery on capital items, goods and services prior to VAT registration
  • Improved cash flow
  • Ongoing VAT advice, support and up to date care sector knowledge from our specialist team
  • Specialist VAT training for finance staff from a dedicated member of the VAT Solutions team
  • Available to private, charity and not for profit care operators


Will it affect my relationship with local authorities/funding bodies?

No. We have strong working relationships (and a trust built up by over 15 years of positive dialogue and communications) with local authorities/CCGs nationally. ‘Contract Restructuring’ presents no negative impact upon funding bodies. We are sensitive to your funding streams and handle liaison and negotiation accordingly – our clients will testify that their relationships with local authorities and CCGs have not been negatively impacted in any way, and that their fee contracting process has actually been streamlined and improved by our restructure.

Will it affect what I charge my private fee-paying clients?

No, not at all.

How long does the process take?

From our engagement with you to the creation of a working VAT group, we estimate a 3-6 month time frame.

How does your fee structure work?

The technical and administrative restructuring element of the process, creation of the working VAT group, all related disclosure to HMRC and legal documentation, is carried out for a fixed fee.

The implementation of the process, including training for your finance team, liaison with funding bodies and full VAT accounting support (covering a five year period) is a fully contingent fee and based upon a sliding scale percentage of the VAT benefits which we secure for you during that time.

Do you get approval in advance from HMRC?

No – simply because there is no approval with HMRC for indirect tax. We make full disclosure to HMRC, and our restructuring work is fully supported by tax counsel and regulatory opinion. We engage with our clients for a five year period and, as such, are an expert extension of your finance and taxation team in respect of HMRC liaison, VAT advice and submission of VAT returns.

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