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“As Care providers with 25 care homes and 50 specialist residential units throughout the UK, we are constantly receiving calls and mailings from firms claiming to be able to get VAT back for us. I was finally persuaded, by a fellow Care Home owner, who had done a claim successfully, to speak with Rob Burton at VAT Solutions. Because Rob assured me that the process wouldn’t cost me a penny until I had recovered the VAT, I agreed to let him tackle one Home initially. I was so impressed with the result, both in the way VAT Solutions worked with us and the value of the claim, that I had no hesitation in agreeing to have the rest of my Homes reviewed.  This has brought about significant benefits to the group. I can see now why they have successfully handled a large number of claims and I recommend speaking with VAT Solutions about a VAT claim for your Home.”John Hill (Hillcare Ltd & Heathcotes Ltd)
“A colleague with a number of care homes alerted me to the potential benefits and success of Kingscrest claims for care home operators throughout the UK. Based on this information, I didn’t hesitate to engage VAT Solutions to undertake a claim on behalf of the Group, safe in the knowledge that, as the leading specialists in their field, they have very successfully handled many Kingscrest claims over a number of years. Our claim was handled expediently, with minimal work involved for my staff throughout the process, resulting in substantial benefits for the business. The team at VAT Solutions were extremely professional and kept me updated all the way through the claim process. I am very pleased with the result and would certainly recommend talking to VAT Solutions about Kingscrest VAT recovery for your business, whether you are considering a claim for one care home or a number of care homes.”David Manson (Keys Group)
“Professionalism and expediency are two qualities that certainly sum up my experience in dealing with VAT Solutions. Their commitment in handling my Kingscrest claim, coupled with their tenacious approach and excellent contacts within the NHS Trusts, RQIA and HMRC, filled me with confidence right from the start. Initially, I was sceptical about engaging in a VAT recovery process; however, I felt very reassured by VAT Solutions’ guarantee that they would assess the viability of my claim at the outset, which ensured that my business did not incur a VAT liability as a result of the work completed. They also assured me that Kingscrest is not a form of aggressive tax planning, and that these claims are completed with the full cooperation of HMRC, who are involved at various stages of the process. What really impressed me about VAT Solutions is that they undertake all the work at their own cost and only charged me a fee once the claim had been successful. I would definitely recommend speaking to VAT Solutions to discuss the benefits of Kingscrest for your business.”Desmond McLaughlin (Bloomfield Care Homes Ltd)
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